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i'm 19 years old this year or 20 in korean system
i'm a university student majoring in psychology (future is an abstract thing for me)
i get stressed easily, but get it over much more easily
i'm such a nonchalant person
i cant get mad at someone for too long (pride? what pride?)
oh, and my religious view is islam, altough as you can see in my journal, i'm not that religious
(i appeared to, pssh, what an act)
my parents are complete and i have one annoying and (sadly) handsome lil bro
i have one best friend forever and about seven close friends

I'm biased towards 2NE1 and SuJu
altough why i wrote SHINee much more than them is still a mystery for me LOL

I love a lot of boybands, SHINee is my bias when suju went all drama and missing, i love DBSK, ONEDAY, SE7EN, U-KISS, BEAST, MBLAQ, RAIN, BIG BANG, C.N BLUE, INFINITE, THE BOSS AKA D.NA and more (if they keep debuting, that is)

i will update this if i want you to know somehing about me ^^
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If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling

was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile!

if Yunho and Junsu have kids...
it would look like this..........

before you asked, no, it's not photoshopped.......
He's a dancer, and sometimes he's a cover dancer too XD
he's really good at dancing XD
He's a model for boyshop (his pic was all over)
his name is Rafael Landry Tanubrata (IKR? too good to be true)
we called him Landry Oppa~
and when we looked from the side while he's using eyeglasses
no wonder he had so many fangirl XD
because of certain circumstances
i cant post until october
i do have some fics, but i really cant post it becasuse i cant type it anymore

thank you ^^

Jun. 26th, 2010

Title: Beautiful Disaster

Pairing: JongYu

Rating: PG-15 for swearing, innuendo and almost-sex

Genre: Fantasy? Romance, fluff and bad! Attempt at humor

Warning: GENDERSWITCH aka Girl! Jinki, bad! Attempt at humor, molesting the GIRL! Jinki, References to “You’re beautiful” Drama, Very much OoC-ness

Disclaimer: I own nothing. And I took some translation from K.WILL’s present/gift for this fic ^^

Summary: Okay, he didn’t sign that damn contract for shit like this. Crazy schedules, crazy fans, crazy antis, crazy netizens… that he could handle… but this absurd shit? Men turning into women? Of course, just believe and depend to K-POP to do something like that.


A/N: for my unni, because she always give me a notice if her fic is out, go read her fic it’s awesome^^ and MIANHAE UNNI T_T in the end I changed his gender T^T I hope you don’t mind T,T

And so sorry it’s late, I’m on vacation in my aunt’s home for several days ^^

Prompt:  Eating pepero stick at home, Cadbury chocolate bar, cuddling, sweet nothings, manly Jonghyun (I bet it’s because my last fic is girly! Jjong, right XD) and Girly! Jinki


R/R <3


NB. Although onew’s gender has changed, I’ll address him as “HIM/HE/HIS”


Taemin woke up slowly. He smiled when he remembered they had a day off. Taemin sighed when he felt his body was heavy. His hyung always rolled on top of him T^T he should change his bed with Jonghyun hyung. Finally Taemin pushed his hyung’s chest. But instead of finding hard chest, Taemin found soft, curved thingy in his grasp. Taemin blinked his eyes blearily and looked at his surroundings. Dorms, His own bed. With Onew-hyung and his big breast, right, nothing wrong…


Onew hyung and breasts…


Taemin thought and pushed his hyung to his own bed at the center. His hyung lay sprawled on the bed, he saw onew’s chest and that’s when the shit hit the fan.


Onew hyung is a man…


Men did not have breast that’s as big and as soft as onew hyung, right? Or is he a Noona? Is He a SHE? Was it like Go Minam????? We’re shooting “you’re beautiful” all along and onew hyung lied to us??


Taemin blinked, it’s not like he’s slow or something… this kind of situation is just too absurd and… hard to process by his poor innocent (?) brain.

Okay, he didn’t sign that damn contract for shit like this. Crazy schedules, crazy fans, crazy antis, crazy netizens… that he could handle… but this absurd shit? Men turning into women? Of course, just believe and depend to K-POP to do something like that.


“Mwoooooooo??” Key hurriedly came into the bedroom. He scanned the room quickly and beside the stupidly sleeping Onew and horrified Taemin, he didn’t see anything wrong…yet.

“I… I think I’m having a bad dream or something…” Taemin looked at him with wide, confused, innocent eyes. Key’s heart melted when he saw such sight. He rushed and hugged Taemin.

“Aigoo… aigoo my son… what happened?” Key said as he stroked Taemin’s head softly.

“Onew hyung….Onew hyung is Go Minam??”Taemin Said confusedly.

“I… Beg your pardon???”

“I… I thought I saw huge and softly looking breasts on Onew hyung’s supposedly flat chest??”

Key blinked and let go Taemin’s body to check their leader’s body.

Onew’s hair was longer by an inch or two and his face was kind of softened up. There’s no single hair on that face and some changes that Key couldn’t put his finger on it but it does change. Key’s sight travelled to his neck and found a smooth, pale neck, and much to his dismay, WITHOUT Adam apple. Key gulped and braced himself. His gaze traveled down and was met with two perfectly rounded breasts. It was pale, smooth, looked soft and bouncy and…. And so girly… Key tried not to faint. He even never thought that the day had finally come when he use the term “So Girly” on anyone in his group. That just felt so wrong in so many levels.

“Oh My God…“ Key muttered and he finally smacked Onew’s hand.

“Yah! Ireona! Ppalliiiiiiiii!”

Onew muttered some incoherent words and although Key was pretty sure it’s Hangul, he didn’t understand it one bit.

“YAAAHHH!” Key shouted in his ears.

“Eeeepppp”Onew said and woke groggily.

Eeeeppp?? Key and Taemin thought simultaneously. Since when that deep voice turned to sounds annoyingly high like Jessica Noona?

“Hyung…”Taemin called.

“Mwo?” said the soft and very girly voice.

Key’s face blanched. He swore dealing with men turning into women never occurred in his contract!

“Hyung, Your breast…”Taemin said.

“Mmm? My what?”

“Your breasts, Lee Jinki hyung” Key said. Onew woke up instantly and looked at his breast.

“What? What was this thing doing in my chest??” He (she?) exclaimed.

“I believe that thing in your supposedly flat chest is called “Breast” by humankind” Key answered sarcastically.

“And why it was there?” Onew said and poke his two rounded breast.

“I had no fucking clue about why it had occurred in the first place… And goddamit hyung! Stop poking at your own breasts! It’s, it’s disturbing!” Key exclaimed.

“Can I touch it hyung? People said they could tell if it was implant or real by touching them…”Taemin said rather innocently.

“No!”Key said, terrified.


Taemin grinned and just squished his hyung’s breasts. It was as big and as soft as it seemed, and damn, it’s so fucking squishy!

“OMG CAN’T UNSEEEEEEEEEE” Key wailed as the image of his innocent (?) son squishing his hyung’s (noona’s?) breasts burned in his memory.

Suddenly the flaming charisma bursted into the room.


He saw Taemin, Lee Fucking Taemin, squishing Onew hyung’s breasts.

Wait, I didn’t know Onew Hyung had breasts or something… wait a minute… is that cancers? Breast cancers?? I knew men could catch that too but…seriously? Poor hyung….

“Hyung, don’t tell me you get breasts cancer…”Minho paled slightly.

“I… Don’t think that breast cancers could swell like this?”He said innocently; Head tilted in wonder with pointy finger in his pink lips. Minho gulped. If he wasn’t gay already, he thought he would love to ravish that innocence that presented right in front of his eyes.

“Oh… Um, then why?”

“Uh… I don’t know…? Taemin ah, you can stop squishing my breasts” Onew said uncomfortably.

“But Hyung! It’s so squishy!” Taemin pouted, although he did put out his hands.

“So… You changed yourself in one night into a girl?” Minho asked; just to make sure.

“Uh-huh…”Onew nodded. Minho blinked his big eyes slowly.

“…. Right, I’ll just play with Suju hyungdeul….”He said.

Silence dawned in the bedroom, before Minho’s head slowly popped again.

“Hyung, just want to say… maybe you needed to check your… bits…”He said and fled.

Onew peeked to his pants.

Minho thought he made a right choice to flee because next, Onew’s high pitched shriek could be heard in radius 5 km.

Hmm… well, Men turning into women were strange. But after all, K-pop is all about drama….Maybe I should ask Suju Hyungdeul… maybe they’d know something… they’re longer in this showbiz business AND they had Heechul hyung Minho thought as he jogged to Suju’s apartment.


Meanwhile in SHINee’s dorm…


“OMG I AM NO LONGER A MAAAANNNNN” Onew wailed into Key’s embrace. Key patted onew’s back rather awkwardly.

“Go find Jonghyun!” Key hissed to Taemin.

Taemin looked weird for a moment before he nodded and scrambled to his feet.

“Oh, hush… you’re still Lee Jinki… Our magnificent leader and our cute and fail hyung… err… Noona” Key tried to comfort him, but Onew only wailed harder.

“MY GOD KIBUMMMM YOU ARE ALL I HAVE… well, beside hyunnie….”Onew sobbed. Then a thought struck him rather harshly. “OH MY GOD HYUNNIEEEEEE… WHAT WOULD HE THINK AFTER HE SAW ME LIKE THISSSS??”Onew sobbed harder.

“Sssshhh…”Key tried to calm him down. Eventually, Onew’s sob subsided into occasional sniff.

“Would Jonghyun still love me after he saw me like this?" he asked in quiet voice.

“Oh, Oh, hyung… Jonghyun is not a shallow man… I can assure you that… he was head over heels for you, hyung! And I still remember his ridiculous effort to get you to be his boyfriend… he wouldn’t let go of you, hyung… not after all you’ve done together…”Key whispered as he stroked Onew’s head. Onew hugged Key a little bit tighter.

“Gamsahamnida… I don’t know what I’ll do without you…”Onew whispered.

“Of course, I could not imagine what would happen to this household if I’m not here… I’m the almighty Key after all…” He said with a flip of hair.

And for the first time after the disaster, Onew’s laugh filled the air.



Hyung, come back to the dorm, something has happened to Jinki Hyung…

Jonghyun read the message from Taemin over and over.  He stared at the traffic. Bloody morning radio shows… he knew he shouldn’t let Amber persuade him but whatever…

“I seemed that there’s a car crash…” The driver hyung said.

Jonghyun clunked his tongue impatiently.

“Hyung, I’m going to run now, it’s not that far” Jonghyun finally said. He opened the door and ran.

“Wait! Sheesh, damn idol…..” Manager-hyung muttered.

Meanwhile, jonghyun ran blindly. His mind was filled with worries for his beloved. Please, don’t let anything bad happen to him… Jonghyun prayed in his mind.





Jun. 8th, 2010


it was so bad, but thankfully i still got friends <3
iuno what will i do without you guys T_T
now i'm writing another onkey, i hope it'll be up next week <3
saranghae <3

May. 24th, 2010


- the first boybands in my heart is suju, I DONT KNOW WHY I LOVE THEM, I JUST DO!
- i love suju, but why i write shinee more is beyond me
- i h8 Yunjae, kyumin and jongkey, I DONT KNOW WHY, OKAY, I JUST DO! *SOB*
- HUG____(AKA DBSK fanfic fandom) is the fandom who introduced me to the amazing world of YAOI
- i cant understand the first smut i read, hell i didnt even know what smut means... i was like ?_?
- i blush when i understand and get the picture of the smut that i read... oh, the innocencent old days
- i never watch gay porn, srsly
- i didnt know what the hell i write when i first write my very first crappy smut T_T
- i play on drarry fandom and after that, NOTHING CAN SCARE MEEEE *lost all the innocence i had*
- i'm a perfectionist so if i type something, i always edit it and in the end i chickened out and never post it or simply lost interest on it, that's why i never write chaptered Fic
- i let go of my friends easily, that's why i had a lot of awkward friendship
- i'm a backstabber and still do ;p
- i stil held foolish believes that my suju and dbsk fandom will be united again *sob*

For Umma

Title: o_O (yeah, you saw it just right)

Pairing: OnJong (as requested by Umma) feat. Lei (oc)

Rating: Pg-13 for profanity and suggestive situations

Genre: (bad) humor, Romance, friendship, fluff

Disclaimer: . . .  what? Don’t rub it at my face!

Warning: the bad humor will choke you to die, CHEESY!ONEW/ONEW SANGTAE, and GIRLY!Jjong (IT’S CONTAGIOUS I ASSURE YOU)
Beta: the amajjang meggayi

Summary: in which jonghyun is being a girl, onew is confused what to do (but still cheesy), Key is disgusted and Lei is the holy beacon that is feeling so very amused at the whole situation.


A/N: short one-shot for my umma, HAPPY BELAAAAAAATED BIRTHDAY UMMA! (Ajdlashdkaj it was like, two months late or something) I hope I was as young as you T_T *cough*twentythisyear*cough* and for that lonely unni of mine, I MIZZ U GURL *sob*


I was gloating in our shared bedroom; it was one of those rare moments where I had no particular job. Just me and my freedom… yeah, life is good…

Or so I thought as my beloved Jonghyun burst to the room, looking as gorgeous as ever.  (Please bear with my cheesiness, I’m in love).

“Jagi~” he called me. That perfect mouth of his made a perfect bbijjuk (pout).

“Mmm?” I said, still wanted to bask in my laziness.

“Do you think blonde looks good in me? Isn’t that color makes me look reaalyyy pale?”He asked as he sat on top of me. (No dirty mind or images, please)

“Uh….” I said intelligently. Did I hear it right? Did he just…

“I know it! Blond looks bad in me…!!” He exclaimed and his eyes suddenly watered.

“No, no, even if you’re as bald as a monk, you’ll still look gorgeous to me.”I tried to convince him. I took a long-term course with yoochun-hyung, mind you. He’s the lord of greasiness and cheesiness, and I’m his dutiful student.

“Reaaaalllyy?” he asked and I was kind of wanted to jump at him then and there.

I took him down and laid his head on my chest.

“Sure, you are as gorgeous as ever. Even when you’re old and wrinkled and your head were bald, I’d think you look gorgeous, and I think I’ll still in love with you.” I said.

Ah, the course with yoochun hyung was paying now, although Lei gave me her most are-you-retarded look when I did that course.

Jonghyun nodded at my chest

And world is peaceful again…




“Oh my god…” he said when the stylist noona gave us the clothes for ring ding dong.

My breath was caught. He looked GORGEOUS AND SEXY AJKLJDHAKDHAJDHK.

“Jagi~” He called me.

“Yes baby~” I said huskily, I must restrain myself for not taking him right then and there.  After that Juliette concept (If you get what I mean), this one was….

“Aren’t all this feather makes me looking fat?” he asked to me.

“. . . Uh? Pardon me?”

Jonghyun pulled out the almighty bbijjuk.

“I looked fat, didn’t I?” he glared at the mirror hatefully.

I hugged him from the back and licked his ear.

“Mmm… to me, you looked good enough to eat~” I said huskily.

Jonghyun blushed. Aww he’s so cute! And they thought he’s all gangstah and manleh??

“Did I look fat?” he said persistently.

I raised his shirt a bit and ghosted my fingertips above it.

“Mmmm…I don’t know… I should inspect you first~” I said seductively

(And just left the rest into imaginations, ne?)



“Oh my god, they disgust me…”Key exclaimed to the phone.

Who? Who?” Nicole asked eagerly.

“That OnJong couple!”

Wait, aren’t you with Jonghyun or something?”

“Please girl, that guy is girly enough for both of us” Key said and Nicole could feel the roll of his eyes.

Uh, weren’t he like, “I’m all gangstah and manleh””Nicole said confusedly.

“Yeah… sure…”

So, Onew is in a “relationship” with Jonghyun? Are you sure it’s not that “sihanchul” case?

“No, dammit, stop that! The mere thought makes me shake in fear.  Anyway, you know who topped?”


“No~ it’s Jonghyun… Gurl, he takes it up in the ass!”

Nicole giggled.

And the juicy gossip was set.



“I want to top!” Jonghyun burst through the door.

I blinked. Umm…what? What did he say?

“Uh..?” I said intelligently.

“I.WANT.TO.TOP”he said again.

“Why? We’re perfectly fine with that position?”

“Because they asked if it was true that quote I-take-it-up-in-the-ass unquote and if that makes me a girl” Jonghyun look annoyed by the fact.

“Mmm, but I perfectly know that you’re not a girl~” I said and gave him a very heated look that trailed slowly from his toes to his crown of a head, lingered slightly at certain areas that made jonghyun blushed hard.

“But still!” he pulled another cute bbijjuk.

“Mmm…why don’t you prove me that you’re no a girl~” I said huskily.

And that’s how I made that cute bbijjuk turned into moans.

With me on top, HA! >;Db



Although I love jonghyun with all his minus and plus, I think it’s time I asked the holy beacon of love, also known as my bestest-best friend Lei. And guess what, she laughed so hard I thought that big boobs of hers are going to fall off.

“Oh my god *pant* that was hilarious *pant* LOL” she said and laughed some more.

Why did I friend her, again? Right, because she’s the holy beacon of love.

“I always knew that your Jonghyun is such a girl~” she said.

“Well, he’s not!” I said; felt rather offended by what she said.

She only gave me a look that spoke “are you sure?”

“Yeah, right…”She said with so much sarcasm.

“Uh, maybe just a little bit…” I said dejectedly.

She rolled her eyes and I pouted

“Let the true holy beacon of love gave you her suggestion…” she said with a haughty voice.

“Then guide me, o, true holy beacon of love…” I played with her.

She rolled her eyes again.

“First we have to make sure that it’s only for a period of time, not forever because that’ll be horrid” She said to me.


“We have to make sure he’s not in his menstruation cycle”

“LEI!”I shouted at her, feeling so scandalized. She grinned cheekily.

“Just kidding… so, does he always acts like that?”


“YAH! We must BE SURE! Or I can’t diagnose his disease!” she shouted.

“DUCK!” she said and took my head under the table.

“OW! That hurts!”

“Sssh, Taemin and Jonghyun just entered the café, let’s move to somewhere more secluded” she said and took me to the back.




Wait, was that Onew hyung? Oh, with that girl… I suppose I should go there and say hi… Taemin think. He was just finished his business in the bathroom and he’s going to go back to Jonghyun-hyung when he saw Onew.

When he neared the table, he saw the situation was a little bit tense and serious. His grin disappeared and he hide somewhere near.

“Do you think you can cure this?”I asked tiredly.

“I… I can’t promise you something I won’t fulfill” Lei said rather gloomily.

I sighed.

“So, what must I do now?”

“Just do as you usually do… I will try my best for you…”She said and smiled.

“Aish…this is gonna be the death of me…”I said dejectedly

Taemin’s eyes bulged out. Onew hyung is going to die??

“I must go now, I’ll call you if there’s any progress okay, for now, just be patient”

She gets up and gave onew cheek-to-cheek kiss before she goes.

Taemin scurried away before Lei even get up.

“Taemin-ah!” Jonghyun called him.

Taemin’s head snapped and he looked at his cheerful and bright hyung. Should he tell him or not?

“Kaja!” Jonghyun said.

Taemin bit his lower lip.





Okay, that was the best-est day I’ve ever had so far. Key cooked my favorite meal, Taemin and Minho were being so very nice to me and obeyed me. And Jonghyun, oh, he’s perfect! He woke me up in the best way ever! And then he cuddled and snuggled and just generally won’t let me go! And before… hmmm… the sex is amazing!!! I wonder what happened.

“Jinki yah, Jagi…”Jonghyun snuggled to me in the bed.

“Ne, Yeobo?”

“Umm… you will never ever leave me alone, right?” he asked.

“Mmm hmm…”

“And… if something bad happen to you, you’ll tell me right away no matter what?”

“Mmm Hmm…”

“Promise?” he asked with that big puppy eyes.

I sealed the promise with a kiss.





“Yah! I think I found the cure… or something like that” Lei said.


“So… just take him to a very romantic dinner”


“I don’t know; it’s up to you!”


“Don’t do the sarcasm, just, don’t…” she said sounding so pained.

“Okaaayyy, but you said you’d help me?”

“Yeah! The cure is to assure him you dumbass” She said and I can almost see her rolled her eyes.

“I’m listening…”

“The idea is to convince him that you are real, your love is real, and this relationship is real no matter what. And you should occasionally praise him too, just so he knew. But in the right moment, thank you very much… don’t be like that greasy bastard park yoochun.”

“Okay, so convince and praise?”

“Yeah, and iloveyous and random little gifts will do too. Every day is okay, but not in the same time so he still expect it. And let him top once a while won’t hurt, just so he could have that manly ego” Lei explained.

“Uh… that topped part is a must?”

“. . .”

“. . .”

“. . .”

“Okay, okay…Fine I’ll do it!” I said exasperatedly.

“Good, now get to work”




Jonghyun knew Onew is going to tell him. Because he’s extra sweet these past days. And now he asked him to wear a suit and go in a romantic dinner with him. This must be the dreaded moment he’s waiting for. Jonghyun braced himself for that




“Wow…Jagi… this is so beautiful…”he whispered in awe.

I smiled in satisfactory. Lei helped me arrange this whole thing so the chance of fail is 1%. Yeah, the days when my failness leave me have come!

“Anything for you” I said and hugged him form the back.

Now we saw Seoul from the highest place, just the two of us, with a romantic candle light dinner waiting.

We talked and chatted during the meal, but I saw he’s a little tense and worried. Something has been on his mind and I didn’t like it for a bit. He’s with me now; he should think only me…

“Is something on your mind?” I asked finally.

“No, just, this is so beautiful but why you did this?”

I smiled and held his hand across the table.

“You know that I love you, right?” I asked him. He nodded slowly.

“I just want you to know that I’ll love you no matter what. Fat or thin, blonde or bald… wrinkles or Botox… whatever… I want this love to last…”I said to him. He looked anxious and he fidgeted a bit.

I kissed his hand lovingly and stared into those beautiful eyes.

“I want you to know… that even if I die… I’ll always love you…”I said and he broke into tears.

I gaped.

“W-what’s wrong?” I asked panickly and sauntered to him.

He cried so hard and it pained me so much.

“Yeobo?”I called him softly.

He cried harder and I hugged him. He clutched at me like his whole life depends on it.

“J-just…don’t g-go…. Please…D-don’t leave m-me alooonnneeee”He sobbed to my chest.

“I’m not going anywhere, I won’t leave you…”I said confusedly

“B-but Taemin said…” He sobbed hard.

I tried to calm him, and when that happens, I asked him what’s wrong.

“Taemin said you have an incurable disease and you’re going to…t-to d-dieeeee…”He said and cried again.

I chuckled.

“Baby, listen to me…” I said and cupped his cheek and looked into his face.

His eyes were red and swollen. Cheeks red and filled with tear tracks. Nose red and snotty. But that made him looks adorable and there’s nothing I could do beside love him more.

“I’m not going to die, okay… Taemin just misheard it…”

“Really?” he asked like a child.

“Yeah, it’s just a misunderstanding…”

“But why did you do this? Take me to this fancy dinner and all?”

I smiled sheepishly. I couldn’t let him know the real reason, I will die for real.

“Because I love you, and I wanted to show you that…” I said softly. Fiuh, I told you that course with yoochun-hyung are worth it!


“Yeah, but I also want to give you this…”

I reached my pocket and pulled out a velvet box. I go down on one knee and he squealed like all those movies.

“I’m not going to propose you now, because we’re still so young and in love but life is still long ahead. We don’t know what will happen in the future and I don’t want to burden you” I said earnestly. I slipped the ring on his ring finger.

“This is my promise to you, that if in the future we’re still in love and not changing our mind, I’m going to propose you properly. This is my promise to not leaving you and not letting you go easily…  this is my promise to love you, protect you, cherish you… this is my promise to you, to make you happy… this ring symbolize all my promises… and I won’t make promise I cant fulfill” I said honestly.

He cried again, but I know its happiness. So I let him cry as much as he wanted. He hugged me.

“Thank you… I love you so much…” he said to my shoulder.

“No, Thank you…”I said and lifted his face.

We kissed oh-so-sweetly. I tasted tears and wine in his kisses, and I love all of that.

Mmmhhhmmm, and I’m letting him get some tonight…





In the end, all was well again. Onjong couple was mushier than ever.


“I’m sorry, he’s talking with me”Jonghyun said guiltily.

“You should, baby… I’m drowning in your charm and I can’t take my eyes off you…”I said cheesily

“Aww, jagi~~”

And Key is still disgusted, he should get laid…






Extra: IRL


“Well, I think this is because he felt rather insecure… he knew you love him, but he doubted himself. I think he thought that he’s living in a dream, and when he woke up, u’d not be there… that this life was too perfect. That’s why…” she concluded after I explained the “disease”.

“Do you think you can cure this?”I asked tiredly.

“I… I can’t promise you something I won’t fulfill”Lei said rather gloomily.

I sighed.

“So, what must I do now?”

“Just do as you usually do… I will try my best for you…”She said and smiled.

“Aish…this is gonna be the death of me…”I said dejectedly




OWARI~ (for real)


A/N: ajdlsahdkjashg writing this fic makes me shudder… *shudder* what the hell T_T


It’s just my lame attempt to make onew go down in one knee, okay?





_hyungwhoreseries extra: HoMinHo
in which Yunho is jealous, changmin is clueless, and minho is.... a hyungwhore :D
based on the LULZY "FRIDAY" article in which changmin dated minho LOL

_JongHo: Naughty
For sooyoung birthday
In which onew is a jealous bastard XD (and Onew insist jongkey is nonexistent LOL)

_OnHo: HP world
Onew Is harry potter and minho is draco malfoy XDDD

_Onkey: Prequel to maid
prequel to one of my fic, which explain why key worked as onew's maid......


now, which one should i type first????? ;D

Mar. 3rd, 2010




just busy and scared to death XD

kekeke, the homeworks and papers T_T
it kills me T_T
i barely check on omona T_T
and the first news i read was

?!?!?!?!?!?!?? *RAGE *

oh, and we had cheondoong here XD
i mean Thunder, A LOT
my mother forbid me to touch my comp in case it struck by it
my cousin's cousin (?) dead because of it, seriously (iunno if i should laugh or terrified)

please wait for my OT3 m(_ _)m
it's been distracting me for awhile so hopefully i can type it on saturday ^^
so much inspiration, so little time, so much plot bunny, homeworks as well T_T

nasa said the earthquake in chile made the day shorter, it has to do with the axis of the earth (?) or something....

/end of rant

Feb. 16th, 2010




Hi! i'm mel and currently lived in bandung^^
i'm an university student majoring in psychology^^
I love SuJu, DBSK, SHINee, BigBang and 2PM^^
especially Hankyung,Changmin,Onew,TOP and Jay
if you read my fic and aprecciate my hardworks (hey, writing fic is NOT easy), please leave a comment or two^^
and no matter if u read this entry on 3000 years later or something, please comment XD
it will enlighten this wary soul ^^

with love,


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